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Looking for a place to stay?

Rent a room or an apartment (twin bed rooms, triple bed rooms, apartments for 4 people, apartments for 4 with an auxiliary bed, apartments for 6 people). All the units are equipped with a TV and free WiFi and parking is provided free of charge. Contact us and book budget accommodation!

You need to throw a birthday party for your little one, organize a celebration or a get together?

Visit us and enjoy our rich offer at incredibly low prices. Beside ready-to-serve meals, a la carte, pizzas and various soups, side dishes, and desserts, here you can find fish specialties. Visit us and see for yourself... We organize budget weddings and give special discount for children. The seating capacity is approximately 130. If you want to relax and celebrate with your loved ones, let us organize your baptism reception, eucharist or confirmation party. We organize all sorts of receptions. Let your kids celebrate their birthday by watching animated movies or music videos of their choice projected on the canvas!

You are interested in fishing or hunting?

Otočac is then the right place for you! Easy flowing and tame river flows through the very heart of Otočca. The river Gacka is one of the most beautiful and the most known undercurrent in Croatia and one of the three most known trout waters in the world. It is also known as the homeland of big trouts. Brown trout for which Gacka is well-known in the world grows up to five time faster in the Gacka than in other karst rivers. Chamois, fallow deer, rabbit, brown bear, wild boar, moufflon, wolf, etc. are only some of the attractions to a pasionate hunter in this untouched nature and primordial beauty.

Bumerang is located in the Gacka valley only 35 km distanced from the Adriatic coast, in the historic town of Otocac, the city which used to be the seat of the diocese, the headquarters of the regiment, the capital of war. Nowadays, it is a lively place hospitable for everybody. Clear and tame river gently flows in curves through the heart of the town. The Gacka river is one of the three most famous trout waters in the world. Its quality for drinking is in the same range. If you would like to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, Otocac is the right place for you. Visit us and you will be enchanted with our rich offer of meals and drinks, and with our friendly staff. If you yearn for traveling and sightseeing, you will definitely find something for yourself among numerous organized trips to national parks North Velebit and the Plitvice lakes, the springs of the Gacka river, the Velebit bear orphanage in Kuterevo, the shrine of Our Lady of Krasno, Medjugorje, the first printing in Kosinj, the Gacka museum with permanent archeological Japodic collection, etc.